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About your host

My name is Dorinda and I am an online dating relationship coach and profile expert. I help people navigate through the world of online dating with personalized profiles, one on one coaching and courses. 


NXTConnection was born from an amalgamation of my own experiences in the dating world and helping my friends with their love lives. I began to notice the common trends in many dating profiles.  I realized there had to be a better way to find the right person that you want to match with on dating apps. More frequently than not, the profiles didn’t necessarily represent the person on the other end. 


By putting my own practices to the test,  I have helped my friends bring out their true and best selves on their dating profiles. The results and feedback were overwhelming. By saying goodbye to the shirtless selfies and the just "hey" bios, my they are getting matched with people who have substance. Their profiles are now a legitimate representation of who they actually are in real life.


"You get back what you put in", has become my motto  and the reason NXTConnection was born.

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