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Let’s face it, dating is difficult and a time-consuming task; dating in a large city is even harder.  With the rise of technology, dating appears to be in the palm of our hands, which doesn’t always feel like a positive.  At times we feel in control, other times we wonder where we went wrong.


When I started delving into the dating field, I noticed common pitfalls that could have been avoided. I decided to share my findings with friends. When we began to see improvements in their dating lives, I had an epiphany, other singles are likely making the same mistakes. If there is anyway to help them to avoid the pitfalls I can turn ultimate online disasters into extreme dating successes. 


Through trial and error, and careful analysis, I uncovered how to produce optimal results and improve retention rates when it comes to online dating.  By sharing these suggestions, I can facilitate the process of turning potential dates into actual ones. This is my mission. To make your NXTConnection the best connection.


Dorinda Barker



NXTConnection was born from an amalgamation of my own experiences in the dating world and helping my friends with their love life. I began to notice the common trends in many dating profiles and realized there had to be a better way to find the right person you want to match with. More frequently than not, profiles didn’t necessarily represent the person on the other end. I thought, by leading by example would be the best way to attract the more desirable match; what you put out there most certainly would yield a higher quality return.


I put my ideas to the test by not only putting my own practices to the test, but I began helping my friends bring out their true, and best, self on their dating profiles. The results and feedback were overwhelming. Gone were the shirtless selfies and just hey bio matches. Now, my friends were getting matched with people who had substance, and their profiles were a legitimate representation of who they actually were in real life. You get back what you put in rang very true. It got to the point where more and more people asked for my assistance, and after being urged to start my own business, NXTConnection was born.

Spicy Mari

Spicy Mari

Relationship Expert &  Communications Expert

Spicy Mari is the CEO & Founder of The Spicy Life. As a Relationship Consultant, Spicy Mari has dedicated her life's work to encouraging singles and couples to communicate and connect more effectively by incorporating passion and adventure back into their interpersonal relationships. Raw and uncensored in her matchmaking approach Spicy Mari has been featured on OWN NETWORK’s hit show, Don’t Tell The Bride, The Ricky Lake Show, and iHeartRadio as a recurring relationship expert.


Spicy Mari's desire to understand the way in which men and women communicate, started in her adolescence and led her to obtain a degree in Mass Communications from the University of California, Berkeley. Discovering her life's purpose was to not only help people find love but also teach them to sustain it, she developed easy to apply strategies and methods known as Spicy Tips. Kindling romantic flames for others ignited a fire in her that led her to receive certification as a dating coach from the International Dating Coach Association.


Shortly after sparking several love connections, she devised The S.P.I.C.Y Life Program, which provides exciting courses, seminars, and events on “Self, Passion, Intimacy, & learning to say YES.” In order to enrich her ability to add value to singles and couples in a digital dating era, she went on to obtain a Masters in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. Formed with the goal of transcending traditional boundaries, The Spicy Life provides self-improvement through effective communication and relationship building.



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