I wasn't getting a lot of matches with my social media dating apps. A friend of mine suggested  NXTConnection.  I was unsure about it- but thought, why not give it a try.  I met with Dorinda for my one on one consult. She was very friendly and we bonded over a wide range of conversation and topics.  Little did I know, she was focused on who I was as a person.  She would later show me I was not my natural self in my profile.  We went over things step by step starting with my pictures, written description, and my dating goals. 

Overall, My matches have increased since using NXTConnection. I highly recommend at bare minimum, the consultation. 

-Joseph Ronzoli

Thanks so much for the help!  Awesome! Since just changing my photos I've had 10 new matches since Monday night on Bumble.  Wow! 

Tom Conolly

I was having the hardest time in the quality of women I was meeting or not meeting.  Dorinda and Gabrielle sat with and walked me through what I could be doing better.  My bio did not say anything about what I wanted and both women steared me in the right direction of honesty and humour.  They also showed me that the pictures I was using were not showing me in the best light and went through my profiles which they suped up to a way better version of myself.  I am happy with my results these ladies gave me and have had more matches with great women.

 Jonathan O'Leary